My first SP gift came and moebius in blue

My first SP gift for this round arrived today and just look what I received:)
I must have a go at one of the shawls with the beautiful yarn in my favourite colours:) Thank you SP

I've seen some gorgeous patterns in the book already, soon as Yule is over I'll make a start. I really appreciate the lovely gifts you sent.
I made a cowl for a gift in what appears to be lopi wool, singles possibly? I got this skein a couple of years ago at a charity shop and it has been sitting in the stash waiting to be knit up. It has made a really warm and cosy moebius.
It is freezing here and damp. I'm very sore my knees don't want to work at all despite increasing my painkiller intake. What with that and the bad hands it is a sad moggie you see before you. Yule making goes on at a great pace, Mr mog is out in the shed finishing off youngest grandson's gift which is a bowling /skittle/marble alley. I'm debating socks or fingerless gloves.


Ursula said…
Ooooo Amber I cam feel a " Please will i be able to borrow you lace book " moment coming on . That's when you've done with it of course :0)))) U x
intl said…
I'm so glad that you like the gifts! I took a look at the book before I sent it and really thought many of the designs were beautiful. I had never seen that book before, but a friend who enjoys knitting shawls recommended it very highly.

Sorry to hear about the nasty weather. Ours is not good either.
Blue Witch said…
Sorry to hear you're in a pained way.

Have you ever tried giving up wheat for a while to see if it makes any difference?

It has made a ten million percent improvement to my health, and almost everyone I speak to about the subject knows someone who has had the same improvement.

Sainsbury's do a wonderful range of 'free from' products - the pasta is so good I can't tell the difference (unless it's cooked to long and then it disintegrates a bit).

I know it's a bit of a long shot, but if you haven't tried it, it oculd be worth a go...

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