A new swift:))

Hope you all had a peaceful happy day with family and or friends. We did and came back home today.
Some fabulous gifts from all and sundry that were a delight but the following is my favourite.
Just look what the fabulous Mr Mog made for me.
It is a windmill swift and has a handle to enable you to either re skein from one swift to another , or to skein from a ball or cone of yarn. It is speedy and I am very lucky:)
Can you see Mr Mog's trademark on it?
Those interested form an orderly queue(VBG)


aniexma said…
I love the windmill shape of your new swift, it's adorable.
yvonnep said…
wow, that one is beautiful! You are lucky.
Blue Witch said…
The best gifts are handmade especially :)
Jean said…
I love this swift. When something is made with love - it is comforting to use and will definately make your life easier. I've had to use pillows to place my yarn around and balance it on my lap while winding my balls of yarn, what a wonderful and useful gift.

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