Work in progress and goodies in the post

Here you see another Cavendish throw in progress from the Noro book. This one I'm using up odd balls of the kureyon but will finish with the same gorgeous turq/purple thats at beginning. I quite like the patchwork effect of the different colours and its a great way to see how the different colours look knitted up.
Second picture is a great buy:) I purchased these patterns from a girl in Australia via ebay. All a good price and from her to me less than a week. I had wanted to try the felted clogs everyone was talking about and someone? had mentioned that these particular shawls had written instructions as well as charts. So there you go. Guess what I'll be making next??


Anonymous said…
Oooooh, those colours are all fabulous together, and what a great score on the patterns! Those shawls are all beautiful and I picked up the felted clog pattern before the holidays but haven't made them yet, I have seen some made up, in person, got to hold (fondle) them, I wanted to try them on but I restrained myself.... :)
Anonymous said…
Love the colours on that noro throw, I'd like to do the short row afghan in knitty, but being on a yarn diet means noro is out of the question, have just found a uk firm who stock the clog pattern, as the harlot had a pair on her blog, look forward to seeing you make these!!
Brooke said…
How cool! I'm waiting for my Felted Clogs pattern right now! We should have a clog-along :)

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