Home again, home again safe and sound:)

We have spent past few days grandson sitting in Lancashire. I am from there and have to say that this past 2/3 days weather have been worst I've known for around 20 years. I've never been so frightened in my life. Yesterday in Preston and surrounds especially. We tried 3 times to get into the hospital to see my uncle and couldn't. Firstly because the car parks were all full to overflowing, secondly way too windy for me to even contemplate walking more that a yard or so. It was blowing me over and I'm not tiny:)
We went to our once local butcher or tried to. As we crossed over the canal bridge we had to stop with a fallen tree, turned round and another tree had fallen in the minute or two we had gone past. Took half an hour for builders close by to chop up and move one of trees it was so massive. Then as we couldn't get near butchers we headed off to pick up grandsons early from school while still able to get there. We were blocked more than a dozen times with fallen trees. Lucky I knew alternative routes. My DD and her partner were coming home from London, DD couldn't get any trains. Her partner had to drive across London to pick her up, took 2 hours. They decided to try driving home thinking to take A roads as motorways had been closed . They arrived home 10pm very tired and DD had interview this morning for new job.
We arrived home in Scotland around 4 pm very cold sore and tired.
House was cold as there hadn't been any fires since Monday morning. Our friend had lit it this morning but it takes a goodly while for these thick walls to heat up again
Boy am I glad to be home:)


Anonymous said…
It's good that you're back home safe and sound!
It's been very windy recently in Poland, too and I really hate wind. It scares me, it's definitely too wild and unpredictable for my tastes.
Anonymous said…
Wow, sounds like our December storm. Trees came down everywhere and it looked like a war zone outside. Glad to see you made it safe and sound!
Anonymous said…
Amber, I've been watching the news, and the footage they've been showing....terrifying, seeing these HUGE trees falling over...buildings being blown down, it's been incredible..I'm glad you're back home and please, take good care and hold on tight!

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