What a rotten mistake I made

Here you see a silly, stupid daft, and any other words you choose to use, mistake from the mog. Now you know why I prefer making hats shawls throws and bags. Look what happens when I try to make a cardigan all be it a simple pattern. Simple ??? HAH I say. Look what I've done, made one armhole in different place to the other AND I didn't notice til I finished:( What can I do? It won't frog there are 3 awkward yarns in that beggar.


flajol said…
Well Mog, you could sew up those armholes to make it a solid square, then knit other squares to sew to it as and when you please. Eventually you'll have a throw!

Thanks for posting all those lovely photos. Very peaceful :o)
MargaretR said…
How could you Amber? (GGG) Sorry I couldn't help laughing. But flajol seems to have the right idea.
Sara in WIqkwigazc said…
Well, what can I say....
I'm so sorry that that happened to you. But, you could stitch it up and felt it and make a grand bag!
Jo said…
YO, Ambermoggie, a SUPERB asymmetrical vest! Clever miggie, and I haven't even got past the rib on my Vogue ultraa-trendy Norah Gaughan asymmetrical (darn that word it's impossible to type) jacket yet! You're way way ahead of me. Slide it on, make sure the ends are way out of alignment, haul edges together with a really bright pin and FLAUNT! Isn't it true - the best designs come by mistake?
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