A little drive through green

Just a couple of photos of the area I promised to upload. Been for a drive today soaking up the sunshine and the green:) Trying to plan what to do for mine and mr mog's birthday as they are week after each other. Yes we are Leos,well we would have to be with a name like moggie:)) I fancy a trip to Colinette to top up on yarns for the winter months while I can still get there. We could combine that with a trip on or to the Llangollen canal which both of us would adore. We used to live on a narrowboat on the canal and still miss the cut(as the canal is known) Today has been glorious sunshine and it helps when every bone aches. I can't move my neck at all and knitting today was a definate no no:( Always makes it harder if I can't distract myself with yarn and pins.


Sara in WI said…
Every bone in my body aches today, too. It hurts to walk especially. Not even chocolate helps today...hehe...I tried. No spinning for sure.

You take beautiful pictures! What a wonderful place to live!

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