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Glorious Hats said…
Hi Ambermoggie, Oh beautiful cat you have some grand gardens. Enjoy.
Amber said…
That sounds awesome. I would LOVE some yarn ... I just didn't want to ask cus I thought maybe it was too much. What would you want from the U.S. of A?
The town I live in for school is small ... however, I make visits to Chicago and lots of visits to my hometown in Eastern Kentucky. Kentucky has a LOT of nice handspun yarn that I would be happy to send if you like.
Hi Amber,
Sure, I'd love to do an exchange with you. You mentioned you're interested in yarn too, and that would be cool. I liked seeing your blog, and have some intersections with you in the world of Wicca and reverence for the natural world. Not in any organized way but I have dabbled.
So let's talk in specifics about colorways, and candy preferences, and such. Email me at

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