And yet again -it has been a while

Sorry time gets away from me. There have been hospital appointments, hospice and doctors and time is gone so fast. There were meant to be photos but picasa doesn't work now and I need to work out how to upload photos and where from. So that will be later.

I have stuff to show, the creating has helped with stress and worry.
Mr Mog is frail, he has lost more weight and now weighs 9stone 8 pounds. There is nothing to him:( Friday we went to hospital and Mr Mog signed papers to release his original biopsy for checking to see if he has a particular chemical in it. If he does he may be accepted in the drug trial. 2 out of 3 people don't have it.
Monday we went to palliative pain clinic and the consultant has tripled his steroids for 2 weeks to see if they will help with appetite and loss of energy. He has also put Mr M back in his hormone injections which were stopped inadvertently in January . I only realised last week and mentioned to consultant. They are the ones to restrict the production of the male hormone.
Sunday is Mr Mogs birthday and we are going to Liverpool overnight to his favourite hotel in the docks there. Our daughter and 2 grandsons are also coming which will be good if poignant as the odds are it will be his last.
We have had to restrict normal days out to a couple of hours as he gets too tired otherwise.
The following Sunday is my birthday.
That's up to date I think. Thank you for all the messages, calls, texts etc they really help.


Antoinette said…
I've been thinking about you, and wanting to make contact. And then I see you've posted, which makes me happy because I can pop in and say hello : )

I do hope that both you and Mr Mog have sweet birthdays with those you love around you. A little coincidence: it happens to be my mum's birthday this weekend : )

Sending you birthday blessings and warm wishes, Amber. I'd love to see what you've created some time. But understand you have a lot on your plate, right now.

Big hugs. xx
Blue Witch said…
Hope Mr Mog has had the happiest of happy birthdays today, and that yours will be similarly joyful next weekend.

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