Colour and journalling

As I think some of you know I adore colour. It lifts my spirits, it inspires it fills me with joy. I have a few journals I work in and some are just words, some are just colour. There also ones that are a little of both. I haven't blogged much lately but I have still been writing and doodling. I wanted to try and put a little more structure to my art or certainly a little more regular play. Sometimes I think we get sidetracked. Things come up that need doing or we don't get round to it. All easy excuses not to do something, even something you enjoy. I must admit it hasn't just been that. This past couple of months haven't been easy.
My knee is still a big problem despite being a new super titanium model. I haven't had a day free of pain n it since the operation and getting knocked over a couple of months ago didn't help. So I have been referred back to the surgeon.
Add in a bad virus that took some shifting, now add in a second one which I am currently nursing with more antibiotics and it does explain some of the lack of get up and go.
But enough of that, must move on and ignore it:)
Mr Mog had oncology last week and things haven't moved on which is incredibly good. This drug trial had been a god send for us. Every day extra is precious.

So what has this to do with colour and journals? My friend Natalie has started a new club, for fibre and yarn and it is a yarn club with a difference. A colour journal one. It seemed a good idea to me so I have joined. It will inspire me to journal more and what decided me? The first month is rainbows. We all need rainbows in our lives. Don't we?


Natalie said…
We definitely need rainbows.

I find that in the winter months I look for bright colours wherever I can find them. Soups are bursting with green, yellow and red. Socks are fuschia (and I am well known for my lack of pink-love), even my toothpaste swaps from white to green!
Blue Witch said…
Double rainbows, definitely.

Great news for Mr Mog. Sorry to hear that you're having such a rotten time.
MargaretR said…
So glad to hear the news about Mr Mog and the drug trial.

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