A great day:)

A most wonderful time, celebrating this auspicious day . Breakfast with good friends then a trip to Furness  with Mr Mog for a trip down memory lane to the school I boarded for 2 years from age 7-9. Sadly now owned by wealthy man and large private sign so no access:(
But the day was lovely and the Cumbrian hills stunning and the friends such good company so that's all you need isn't it?
I received 42 cards ,numerous gifts and I spent the day with the man I love.
Thanks to the Goddess for that.


Happy birthday! Glad you had such a wonderful day!
Leanne said…
sorry, just catching up.. I havent really visited many blogs over the last few weeks due to sammys last week, and subsequent grief. Just getting back into things properly now, so a belated happy birthdsy to you both

Leanne x
Blue Witch said…
Happy birthday, belatedly. Have rater lost track of time recently, sorry.

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