A belated happy Lammas

A little late but hope you all had a good Lammas. We spent it at friends in Scotland and the full moon was incredible. They have recently moved to a small holding on the way to Stranraer  and the area was new to me. What gorgeous views from their house, even the isle of man was visible. We had a meander round the area and really enjoyed it. Tomorrow is oncology day for mr Mog , always a worrying time even though his results have been good. I think it is automatic to worry, hard not to. We are getting close to a celebration for his birthday, I don't want to be more specific in case he does stumble on this post. I don't think he will but I don't want to spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say it will involve fibre,friends and fun. More after the weekend on that. I think he may wonder what is going on when friends come to stay for the weekend (3 of them) I have said they want to help celebrate his birthday which is true:)
More later


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