Wollmeise /Alpaca giveaway Winners

So many lovely comments and ideas on my giveaway. I decided to frog the shawl and thereby give 2 people a full skein of Wollmeise rather than both skeins to one.
With no further ado the winners are:-
Pink Wollmeise Shortstix
Blue Wollmeise Bex
Alpaca washed fleece Claire.

Can you all message me your addresses please and I can send these off. Keep an eye out there will be another giveaway soon and yes it may involve WM:)


Shortstix said…
Wow! Thanks so much Amber. I'm over the moon, I promise to look after it, pet it, stroke it and knit it up into something wonderful. Congratulations to all the other winners too xx
Claire said…
And another Wow! I haven't checked back to your blog for awhile, so I've only just noticed. Many thanks!!


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