I was reminded

I was reminded by a friend that I havent posted in a while. Sorry. It has been a little frantic here , we have had builders in and that can be a little fraught even with excellent builders such as we had. The wheel seems to have moved on suddenly and it is now most definitely autumn in a morning. Where has the summer gone? although saying that today has been delightfully warm and sunny. In other news our friend has been decorating for us this past week. Sadly something I am unable to do now and too much for Mr Mog to tackle on his own. Fortunately our friend loves decorating and she was glad to do it. On a totally different note it is oncology tomorrow and a chance to see how Mr Mog is doing. He had blood tests last week and the results should be at the hospital for the morning. He seems well enough in himself but as you know we have thought that all along. If I hadn't seen the bone scans and MRI results with my own eyes I would have thought it a particularly unpleasant jest. But seeing the cancer spread throughout his spine, pelvis etc I had to believe. So what does tomorrow bring? Watch this space. I do know that the positive thinking helps. I had a phone call from a friend of ours the other day who asked how things were going. He is not pagan, doesn't really follow any path that I know of, but informed me that every time Mr Mog comes into his thoughts it is with the same scenario. The Scenario being that Elvis wants to meet Mr Mog and by this friend thinking of Mr M it delays this meeting ever taking place. A great way to send positive energy dont you think? There is a hope from things such as this, and hope performs great miracles My health has been indifferent, so much pain that it keeps me awake of a night and when that happens the next day is long and tiresome. But in the scheme of things I would wish this pain for me kept the cancer for mr m at bay. I haven't spun much with all that is going on but have managed to keep knitting, shawls of course :) Pictures may follow shortly. I am sorry if my absence worried, thank you for thinking of me.


May the test results tomorrow be welcome news. Deny Elvis!
Leanne said…
glad you are ok, I was beginning to worry. will hold you both in my thoughts tomorrow
Leanne x
Rosie said…
Sending positive thoughts your way.
Blue Witch said…
Hope the news was good, or at least, not worse.

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