T'is Samhain draw back the veil

 It is Samhain today and I hope you all have a wonderful, magic day . It is a day for remembering those who have passed, both recent and long gone family and friends.
 A time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. A time to reflect and to let go of things we do not want to take with us into the new year.
 I haven't made any femmes for a long while but the urge to do so came suddenly and you have to obey the Muse when she calls. There will be a few of them but as this one was finished I thought she could appear on the blog. Notice her funky boots:)
 It isn't easy to take pictures when mohair and felt are involved but more pictures at a later date when her sisters are ready.
 Her name is Hecca, a tribute to the Goddess of this festival, Hecate. The Goddess of boundaries and death and rebirth which is quite apt for this season.

There has been knitting, apparently shawls remain an obsession with me:) This is Pamuya made with Colinette Jitterbug and I thought a great colour for Samhain.
 This is Garden pond made with my own handspun yarn. A mix of merino/silk/ glitter and the like.

Fibre from Ashford and from Southern Cross fibres.

 One of my Samhain altars.

 Hope this day and night reflect within your heart and mind.
 Draw back the veil if you dare to and honour the ancestors.

This femme is a Samhain gift from me to one of you. Please leave a comment I'll draw the winner tomorrow evening


Blessings of Samhain to you, Amber. I will put my own spirit doll, gifted by you, in her place of honour tonight. And I simply must finish my own Pamuya, seeing how beautiful yours looks!
CJ said…
Your work is gorgeous! I especially love the eging on the Pamyua shawl. Happy Samhain
aniexma said…
The colours on your shawls are stunning! The wee doll is, as always, delightful!
Samhain blessings to you! Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for the new year! And I love the kick-ass boots on those femmes!
Pat said…
Wonderful handspun - so fine. I'm still trying to spin as fine as that, with not much success. Samhain blessings to you.
Miffy said…
Blessing to you Amber. I do hope that this year a healthier for you.
Lynn said…
I have been wondering where the femmes were hiding..love the new shawls, too. I just finished my first LaLa's and fell in love with the pattern as well as the yarn. She will be named Winter Solstice Sunset. When you see the color on Ravlery, you will see why. Blessings of the season, Lynn
Kathy said…
Blessed Samhain to you, Amber. As always, your crafting is wonderful. The shawls are beautiful and the femmes are exquisite. You are so talented.

May the ancestors bless you for your efforts now and always.
Kelley said…
Many blessing to you for a happy New Year! Your Femmes are alway delightful and the shawls are just beautiful.
Sea said…
Saqmhain Blessings Amber. Hope you are feeling in better health
lovely~i hope you had a wonderful, peaceful day

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