Samhain approaches

 I hate this new Blogger editor and its way of putting pictures on the blog

Guess what these will be being used for?

These words came into my morning pages today;_

They wrapped midnight around them and made it theirs.

The shadows and the twilight also they wore as if it were made for them.

Colours were visible within the velvet black  but overlaid by the shimmer of the night skies.

The dark enhanced their otherworldlyness. It made of it an eerie yet beautiful sense of dreams.

It is a dark time here but with hope.


Ann Phipps said…
I'm so glad you are back! Every day I have checked, worrying that you were still ill. Your poem is lovely.
i love the showdow picture in the leaves~like the one i took!!!

hope you are both feeling better
Sea said…
Glad you are feeling a bit better..will not say the flu type bug going around here is particularly nasty and keeps hanging on...blessed Samhain, Amber
Blue Witch said…
Gorgeous pics.

Happy Samhain, and keep well!
Puddytat purr said…
Go to your blogger Dashboard, at the top somewhere there should be a tickbox mentioning blogger in draft - untick it and blogger will go back to normal

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