Not too well so I'm quiet at the minute. Joints too sore to do anything especially type so this will be short and sweet. Hoping that this latest round of agony will go soon, it is stopping sleep and is there all day and night.


Sea said…
Hope you feel better soon, it's annoying when you feel so ill that you can't sleep
Rosie said…
Thinking of you: hope you'll feel better soon. And hope that you can get some daytime drwosing in, even if proper sleep is eluding you.
Awww you poor thing...sending you great big hugs and lots of love

Sue xxx
Blue Witch said…
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Have you ever investigated whether certain foodstuffs make your condition worse? I've been lots better since I stopped eating wheat.
Toffee's Mum said…
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Aknita said…

I hope you feel better soon Amber.

Joy x x
Artis-Anne said…
Hope your trip to IOM this weekend brings you back to full recovery Amber

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