What chakra am I?

You Are the Sacral Chakra

You are open hearted and expressive. You let your feelings be known, without being too emotional about it.

You are very sensual and comfortable with your own sexuality. You are passionate and alive.

You feel inspired, happy, and creative. You are able to live the life you want without fear of judgement.

You have a lot of respect for yourself and other people. You never violate others' boundaries or let them violate yours.


Laal Bear said…
I've just done mine and it's the same as yours . No wonder we get on well :0)
Anonymous said…
It turns out I'm the Heart Chakra.

Interesting perspective though. Thanks for this one!
docwitch said…
Ha! I was just doing this one myself (after visiting Blue Witch). I'm Crown Chakra...apparently.

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