Torn muscle:( shawls and yarn plea

Well it is official I've torn a muscle under my rib. That would explain the pain then. I've to take strong painkillers to dull it, apply heat and wait for it to go. Joy joy joy.
It is quite fun to see when I need to cough or laugh, I have to hold the sore part so it doesn't tear more. Can you visualise the arthritic me suddenly stopping , trying to grab my side while still holding on to the crutches just to enable me to cough? I get some mighty funny looks, especially as it is accompanied with various groans and cries:))
Ah well knitting beckons so would you like to see the current work in progress? This is filatura crosa mohair together with iridescent rayon/wool/glitter mix

What do you think? I've got some beautiful beads to trim the edge with.
I also mentioned yesterday that I'd managed to purchase some fancy cones from Uppingham yarns to add to mohair for more shawls. Here they are. I love the colour and the glitter and they are really soft.
I've almost finished the next shawl, I am halfway round the border as you can see.

This one is a third of the way round the border but I've run out of the yarn:( Stupid I know but I hadn't realised how much the border would take.

This is the yarn I'm running short on, does anyone have anything similar please? Even 50gm would help. It is mohair possibly similar to Colinette in thickness.

Thank you


Proves I only rad half your post when I thought I had read all of the last one before commenting!

Oh no! Poor you! Laughing is bad enough but then that makes you cough, then that break your ribs or feels like it is! After this happened to me I wondered why they hadn't invented something like a strong elastic bandage (like a medical type) but for the body? I remeber it well. VERY painful and you need squeezing from both sides front and back. And thise pain killers....well they'll knock the stuffin out of you! So if you do manage to get over here on Thursday I can guarantee you are doing absolutly nowt! And neither is him inddors. Time for someone to look after you both for a bring those needles and books!
Sending healing, lighting a candle.
Brightest blessings,
Sue xxx
remoteknitter said…
Hello M'Dear - well you've done yourself a proper mischief! I spent all Saturday looking at people's shoes! It was a shame our paths didn't cross as we may have made a matching pair of 'ailers', as I had to have an emergency tooth extraction on Friday and felt a bit spaced out and beaten about! I feel sure we will meet one happy day though and I wish you a speedy recovery, so you can start creating with all that lovely fibre. Hugs to you (soft, gentle ones)
Aknita said…
Amber, your shawls are looking lovely.

I do hope you feel better soon. Goodness, you are going through it at the moment aren't you.
Charity said…
Oh, yuck, I'm sorry about the torn muscle!! You paint a wonderful picture, though. :o)
Dominique said…
your injury doesn't stop you from being productive...
fibreclaireUK said…
Sending cyber hugs (cos they dont hurt) and tons of healing, soothing vibes to you : (
Rosie said…
Ow, get better quickly. Thank you so much for the "unmentionables" which are already in good use. quite the loveliest I've ever owned. I'm going to be tidying the stash tomorrow and will see if I can find any green mohiar.
Ruth said…
I'm sending a genuine Mommie smooch for all the achy parts. I'd send a hug, but somehow, the thought of a hug and your unhappy ribs just doesn't make it.

Feel better!
Mandella said…
You poor thing! I can only sympathise having watched Dave trying to cough, sneeze or laugh with his broken ribs these past few weeks. Get better soon. I'm sending healing thoughts your way.
Arianwen said…
oh poor you!the shawls look lovely. Iam deadly envious of knitting at the moment as I have hurt my wrist.So all I can do is type one handed and browse everybody elses stuff!
docwitch said…
a torn muscle is a world of nastiness. I hope that improves quickly.

But those shawls are very beautiful. I'm drooling over them all, but that mohair one looks particular delish.
Artis-Anne said…
Get better soon Amber and I will be sending healing thoughts from Scotland
Hope you enjoy your break too :)
debg said…
I can sympathise, I dislocated a rib several years ago, and I bet that is nowhere near as painful as a torn muscle. You concentrate on getting yourself better (wrap yourself up in one of your fabulous shawls, you'll be cocooned in warmth and loveliness).

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