Catalogue of catastrophe:(

Today has been a dreadful day:(
Start with my falling down the outside 3 steps. My leg gave way and I fell down 3 stone steps badly bruising various parts of my body. Very painful and tomorrow very colourful. Poor Mr Mog could hardly get me upright as I was stuck against the outside gate. Bad enough? You'd think so but there is worse to follow.
More shortly but I thought you would like to see the herb seedlings starting to grow. Coriander, parsley and basil when they come up.Think it is the parsley that is delaying things.
More tulip pictures because they were so lush this morning.
Don't you just love flowering cherry? I do. So the other little thing to go with my fall? At Christmas Mr Mog kindly purchased some Lush Caca rouge for me. I do love red hair:) I decided to henna my hair this morning as it was looking a little dull. Did all the mixing etc, did the deed and waited. Rinsed off a while ago and as it dried thought it wasn't very red. It was Caca Noir(Black)
Mr Mog had bought what he thought was the correct one, it was on the rouge stand. Either someone has mixed them up putting them out or someone has been playing with them. Possibly children as it was christmas.

This moggie isn't thrilled:( I rang lush and they are sending me some treatment to hopefully take some of the colour away. I felt low enough with the fall, this has just made it worse:( The amber moggie won't be red at Wonderwool I fear:(


Rosie said…
Oh, no, poor you. I hope that you mend quickly and that your hair is soon back to its very best, too. I think there must be some weird confluence in the heavens at the moment as frustrating things are happening here too (locks breaking, being on a bus that crashed...)

Never mind, I look forward to seeing you soon!
You will have to tie a bright scarf flamboyantly over your locks gypsy style until you can rectify the hair colour.

I hope that your bruises soon fade and you enjoy Wonderwool
Charity said…
Oh, I'm so sorry! I hope you recover quickly.
docwitch said…
Gah! Oh no! So sorry about your fall - it would have been quite a shock as well as very painful.

And I do empathise about the hair. It happened to me once years ago. I thought I was getting a nice colour-enhancing henna-ish rinse. One with herbs that would enhance my natural shine. Instead it permanently coloured my hair a dark mahogany. It was awful, (I don't suit dark mahogany being a copper-blonde kind of redhead). I think I actually cried at the time.

Your tulips are exquisite though. Hope you're feeling better soon. *sends spell for good things to happen to ambermoggie*.
Blue Witch said…
Hope you're more balanced and deblacked and enreddened again soon.

There are undoubtedly weird influences afoot at present. I had a funny turn while out shopping yesterday...

Have you ever tried pouring a kettle of boiling water over parsley seeds when you plant them? (once in the pot of compost and covered over with compost). I've found it speeds up and improves germination no end.
Wibbo said…
I hope the bruises go away soon! The change in hair colour must have been a bit of a shock too... Jan x
Oh *hugs*. 'Nuff said.
aniexma said…
Sounds like your April has been as bad as mine.

Gorgeous blooms though!
Vicky said…
Ouch,poor you, it's a horrible experience falling over - have you got some arnica tablets? Thanks for the lovely tulip pictures (and other flowers). See you Saturday :)
Dominique said…
I hope you will get to be the old you soon enough8
Aknita said…
I do hope you are feeling better. Poor you, it is one thing after another isn't it.

I'm sorry I shan't see you at WW this weekend - it's the Marathon and we are going down to watch my son run. Say hello to those lovely yarns for me.
debg said…
I hope your bruises are fading and that you are not in too much pain. As usual, the tulip and blossom pictures are really uplifting, thank you for posting them. I can sympathise with the hair dye disaster, I too have dyed red(ish) hair and have had a couple of mishaps (usually involving well meaning friends). Hoping you can sort it out soon. enjoy Wonderwool :)
Georgina said…
So sorry to hear about your fall - it's scary isn't it. Whenever I have had a fall though, something very significant has been just around the corner so be prepared! Is your hair very dark now? That's horrid too - if you have a 'look' and it is changed without your wanting it it knocks your sense of self! You must feel quite topsy turvy at the moment.
As for Parsley, I am sure you have heard about letting the seeds sit in wee overnight. Never fails for me!
ohh poor you~hope you are feeling a bit better now.
the last of my caca rouge is now about the last half inch of my hair! i decided to grow my hair longer and discovered henna makes my hair really dry so now back to my natural red...although i notice it is fading with age :O

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