Warming food and knitting also book destash

We had the first bit of sunshine for a week today and it was lovely. Mr Mog and I went up to the promenade for a walk and a check out fo the beach. Great views across to the Cumberland hills, or Cumbrian as they are now known:))
He was very depressed all day, still is poor lamb. Very quiet and withdrawn. He got the letter about the postponed treatments today. The next scan will be 12th February and provisionally the radiotherapy starts 26th Feb. A full month later than we had hoped. No wonder he is depressed.
We had a lovely tea tonight, comfort food. Made yesterday because it always tastes better second day
Yesterday I browned some shin beef in oil, added garlic(lots) leeks, onions, carrots, celery and barley. To that I added tin of flagolet beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes. Added beef stock and some black pepper and a shot of lime juice. Brought slowly to the boil then turned down low and simmered for around 3 hours.
This evening warmed it slowly and ate it with mashed potatoes, yummy:))
I've been doing knitting that isn't socks:))
Here you see a very big earflap hat in mountain colors bearfoot I think? It is currently in the washing machine felting so hopefully pictures tomorrow.
I've also cast on for another Calorimetry for me in colinette mohair Florentina colourway I think?
I had my hair cut yesterday at the local college and my neck is cool:) It is quite short now as the long hair was getting me down. When it is long it just hangs there unless you tie it back so I decided a trimwas in order. Bonus is that my hair curls when it is shorter and scrunches dry which is easier with the RA as I can't hold my arm up to use hairdryer.
I love the local hairdressing college as you get a great hairstyle and for a cut and blow dry its just £5.50:))
I'm destashing some books also for those not on ravelry

All as new except the vogue

easy knitted socks jeannette trotman £5 I was gifted this then purchased it by mistake:))

Vogue guide to knitting, crochet and macrame An oldie but goodie:) £3

Colinette toast and marmalade patterns for cushions and throws£3

wrapped in comfort knitted lace shawls Alison Jepson Hyde £5

Victoria lace today Jane sowerby. £8

socks soar on 2 circular needles Cat Bordhi decided I prefer DPNs for my socks:) £5

postage extra

looking for harmony dpns orI am looking for the new Noro book


Bryony Ramsden said…
It's a really downer about the radiotherapy :( But at least you've had the opportunity to go out and enjoy the weather. Small mercies and tidbits of things that make good memories like that might make all the difference.

I'll gladly take the Victorian Lace Today off your hands if you still have it - I've had that on my list for ages. I might not be able to knit from it yet, but I suspect it has plenty of eye candy? :) Sadly no Harmonys or Noro though.
Crobbles said…
oh, If you still have it, can I take the Cat Bordhi sock book? I put it on my Amazon wish list this week!
My email is vhjeffery@mac.com

I'm glad someone had some sunshine. It was so dismal here. It feels like it's been dismal for months. Roll on Spring.

Vicky x x
Marianne said…
As far as I'm concerned, it's all about the 'no fuss' hair... just clean it and let it do its thing :^)
So sorry to hear Mr.Mog feeling so low but understandably so...
Your comfort food sounds comforting indeed!
Roobeedoo said…
Lots of nourishing knitting and cooking is good for the moggy soul! Hope things get more cheery soon - those Trekking socks should help! I love the stalk-ed hat!

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