Tis me, blogging from England:)

Hi everyone I'm blogging from England:) On my new laptop:)) 2 very dear friends of mine replaced one of their laptops and guess who was given the chance to purchase it for a very reaSONABLE PRICE? Yes me so now when I'm away I can catch up with folks a little more. Its been a very busy few days and I'll tell you mre when I get home. Am not too au fait with using the mouse thing yet and its taking me a little time. So for now here is a short update.We've caught up with family and friends,been on the beach at Morecambe and Heysham which was fun. The weather is gorgeous which helps. I've been knitting in public on the prom at Morecambe and my latest shawl is growing a pace. What have you all been doing? I think I will be home Saturday so I'll get round to reaDING My blogs then.


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