SP questions/answers and a lovely day:)

We've been asked a couple of questions by our hostess in the latest SP and here are my answers
I first learned to knit around 5 years old I think because I kept nagging my nan to teach me. She knit and crochet all her life and was known for the fabulous bedspreads she made in very fine cotton and silks.
I think Nan got so fed up of me she thought if she taught me I'd be quiet:))
Isn't it a gorgeous day today? The sun is shining and its been warm. I'm not going to Glastonbury, health is not good enough for the long journey but I'm smiling honestly. I hope sometime to get there just not this week. Never mind I've got my 2 grandsons visiting Wednesday to Friday and its our anniverary next Sunday so I've got that to look forward to.
I've just received a lovely ecard from my SP. Thank you SP (waving)
I've been in touch with mine also and sent her first gift to her. I've finished another hat which needs felting and it was also on 4 needles then a circular. I am now in the mood to make another shawl, maybe this one for me?


Bobbi said…
Persistent little thing! Good for you!
Thanks for playing.

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