Herewith 3 pictures for your viewing
First one is a shawl but rectangular for a change, using various yarns as you can see.This is a pick up when bored project. Second is the current sideways cardigan using argyll mohair and an unnamed mohair. I'm really liking this colour scheme. Perhaps that is because I don't often work in greens? Finally the scarf that should have been the sideways cardigan but isn't.
Will be a simple gift for someone this Yule. Speaking of Yule its time to think of gifts and who gets them. We have a list that we are working on and seems to be unanimous that its Lush, Marks and Spencer and artist (me)made for those that appreciate it. Grandsons are part sorted, the elder is very into fact books so he is getting Pick me up , put me down which is interactive almost. Also the Boys book how to be the best at everything. Should keep him busy:) Younger I think is getting football things and artist materials.
Then its Mr Mog to consider. He would love a set of wood carving tools and Lidl have some coming in week on Thursday so may have to acquire them for him. We have 2 celebrations at this time of year. Yule and a get together feast and fun then Christmas. This is one pagan who loves to celebrate at any excuse:) Yule I do love though, the midwinter celebrations in the darkest part of the year. A bonfire to celebrate the return of the light allbeit slowly. From Yule the days get longer and the nights shorter. For me Yule is is the start of the feastivities Lots of food , chocolate of course and the occasional tincture of wine through to New Year.
Yummy I'm thinking of the chocolate, must go and make a cup of Green and Blacks excuse me


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