knit one frog one

I started a sideways cardigan in shades of greens that I put together. Did oh around 7 inches, decided it didn't look right and was too thick so frogged it. Not easily because 3 yarns 2 of which are mohair = chaos. Anyways it frogged so I started again. Bigger needles, six inches didn't like it. However after the last debacle I decided that cast off it would make a scarf = one less Yule gift to find.
I then wound a skein of silkwoods yarn no name on it but very thin folks, shades of green mustard etc and useful. Not WOW factor as not bright enough for the moggie but useful mixed with the green mohair yarns. So one thin silkwood, 1 coned moss green(but light moss)mohair unknown name and 1 argyll Rossini greens/golds mohairs I've started again. Using 8mm needles and garter stitch, Couldn't see the silkwood so after 5 rows snipped that without, and this is the important thing, frogging. I'm now around 8 inches so have passed the hexing 6inches and I like it its a good mix of greens and it feels good. Lets see how far I get and No Jo, I won't be doing asymetrical armholes hopefully:)) Pictures tomorrow, Mr Mog has hidden the camera somewhere and its the communal log splitting day so I don't want to disturb him. 1 person from each household takes part in the chainsawing/splitting and barrowing around to each pile. Plenty of logs to keep the mog warm:)


Anonymous said…
Have you sent me your address so I can send you yarn you won on my blog?

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