February 19, 2006

Stash get thee behind me

Oh Ruth, Ruth what have you done? Telling us to photograph our stashes for posterity. Tis shame on you it is. I am ashamed to say that this is only some of it. I have several boxes with yarn in the 5 elemental colours and a large bag with colinette in waiting for me to knit the poncho from Akashya. However I digress, first pic is Noro mainly kureyan.
second pic is chunky from Face mainly.
third pic is Lornas laces and I am puzzling what to make with this.
Oh and have of course not photographed my mohair:))
Nearly finished another noro hat and I'm currently finishing the mohair triangle shawl I've had on needles for a month or so. Then decisions on next project.


Silvia said...

Yep I am deffinetly a novice at knitting as well as stash enhancement. I posted a pic in my blog..it looks positively 'undernourished' in comparison!!!!!!!!

ambermoggie said...

I'm actually surprised how much yarn I had, think it multiplies in the cupboard:)
I started up a new yahoo group for those who want a break from UKHK
it is

Lucia said...

Your stash is lovely, and not at all excessive. Trust me. This from a woman whose husband keeps asking if he will ever again sleep in a room without boxes of yarn. I suppose we could build an addition...

Holly said...

Oh boy ...Mum loves your stash Amber.She just finished a "Fandango" coat and is now half woman half carpet..and so cuddly .Holly

Woolly Wormhead said...

Great stash, Amber! So glad you photographed it ;) Now, have many other bloggers done the same, I wonder? Yours is a good size too, fret not :)