more stitch markers made

here with a few more stitch markers. They are lapis lazuli(the blue) aventurine (green) need to check what the white speckley and the tiny brown are in my gemstone book. Willing to swap for yarn:)


dreamcatcher said…
Your stitchmarkers are very pretty indeed, I particularly like the green aventurine.

Definitely a silver medal at least - I've been too scaredy thus far to try using DPNs :-) The hat and sock are looking very good. The handpainted yarn site is most definitely bookmarked for future use!

Thanks so much for your offer about the foxglove and aquilegia seeds, we would love some :-) I've emailed you about that and also about the Colinette hat pattern.
Sharon J said…
Pretty stitchmarkers that look somehow familiar. Do you by any chance sell them on ebay? ~Sharon J
ambermoggie said…
no haven't sold any just started making them. I
Lolly said…
They are so pretty! ;)

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