Cancer update latest

mr Mog had MRI today. He has been rushed to specialist neurological unit. He has lesions on his spine and possible spinal cord compression. Oncology, neurology and spinal cord people will have meeting in the morning to discuss and decide treatment. More as I know it.


Lesley said…
How awful, thinking of you both x
Antoinette said…
Sending you my best thoughts and wishes. ((Hugs)). xxx
Roobeedoo said…
Oh Amber! Hugs to both of you.
ohhh i am so sorry to hear this~thinking of you both and sending much love xoxox
Blue Witch said…
Hoping that things are as good as they possibly can be.

Sending you some summer warmth, and lots of positive vibes, to hopefully help.

Are thought are with you. You are both amazing people, coping so bravely with such a dreadful situation.
Ruby Louise said…
Sending hugs and energy for you both.
Linda ladeewolf said…
I am so sorry, been reading your blog for years, don't know what else to say. I will hold you in my thoughts and hope.

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