Cancer update

radiotherapy didn't help. New drugs (abiraterone )  didn't either. Oncology appointment was last Tuesday as I brought it forward a week due to Mr Mogs dreadful pain and deterioration. Chemotherapy has now been offered and starts on Tuesday so long as Monday's blood tests allow. The appointment was awful, Mr Mog collapsed due to the shock I think and his blood pressure dropped incredibly low. It took a while to bring him round with the help of sweet tea. Hoping the chemo helps him as he cant stand for very long, can't walk more than a few steps without needing to catch his breath. Hard to believe the deterioration in just a few short weeks. I suspect Yule will be a somber affair. We aren't sending Yule cards this year but instead we are making a donation to the oncology centre. One good point in it all, we have a fantastic doctor. He is sadly only with the surgery until summer as he is a registrar doing a while with GP. He is an absolute star, he has visited most days to avoid Mr Mog needing to go to surgery and has continually tweaked the pain medication to try and ease the pain. Today's visit he again increased the drugs for Mr Mog. He always mentions how lovely the house is and how wonderfully it smells. I think he likes visiting us;)


Knatters Knits said…
I'm sorry I wasn't aware of how things were for you both right now. I'm thinking of you both, and if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know...
Blue Witch said…
SO pleased that there is a silver lining in your black cloud.

Let's hope that your excellent registrar doesn't get brow-beaten by the system, or burn out himself when he's giving such a lot to his patients. Good to know that that there are still GPs like the good old-fashioned ones (that have all but disappeared, as they retire, or retire early) entering the profession.

Fingers and toes crossed for an improvement soon.

I have no idea if this will help in Mr Mog's situation, but I know of two people in a (seemingly, to me as a non-medic outsider) similar situation who have been involved in recent trials using radium 323, and both have been helped. It seems to have been written about recently in the 'Future Oncology' journal. Maybe something to ask your oncologist about? And apologies if this isn't appropriate, but I thought I'd mention it as I knew of it... and I always feel that any options have got to be worth discussing.
Lesley said…
It's hard to know what to say to a post like this, I suspect there is no "right thing" to say and the usual platitudes just seem meaningless.

But your friends near and far are thinking of you both, are sending good vibes and are hugging you in their thoughts. Most of us can do no more but those closer to you may ask "Is there anything I can do?" Take them up on their offers, if you really can't face doing that pile of dishes today say "Yes please, would you wash and dry my dishes please?" Those of us who offer are often disappointed when we can do nothing but I know that right now I'd be really grateful if someone would clean my bathroom properly for me (I can only do so much and my partner is less able than usual just now - but his broken arm will heal eventually). It's often the simplest little things like this that are the hardest to ask for help with but they are also the easiest for folk to do for you, we can't always help with the really tough stuff but we'd like to do that too and allowing us to help with small tasks can be a stepping stone to allowing us to help with bigger ones. I am not close enough to offer physical help but I'm sure you do have friends who will jump at the chance to do something, anything, to lessen your load right now - just as you would for them.

With love
Roobeedoo said…
Oh Ambermog I am so sorry things are this way for you both. You know I know how it is and all I can say is "it's not fair"! Gentle hugs to both of you from both of us.
Miss Elle said…
Thinking of you xxxx
Antoinette said…
Ambermog, I am late to read this. And I am so sorry that you and Mr Mog are going through this awfulness.

My heart is full. It's not enough, I know. I wish I could come and cook you a meal.

Holding you in my thoughts. Peace be with you, friend. xx
Ruby Louise said…
Sending hugs for you both.
Very sorry to hear about Mr Mog's difficult situation and yours too. May Brigid enfold you both in her arms and send healing energy to alleviate the pain and stress.

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