Cancer update 2

A bad few days for Mr Mog after the radiotherapy. Ended up on oramorph Friday plus lax drinks to counter the effects of it and anti sickness pills. Friday was ok and relatively pain free but  yesterday was terrible with lots of vomiting (mr Mog) and tears both of us. He wasn't going to have any more oramorph but had a little last night and managed to sleep. Today he was sick from lunch time and has spent the day in bed. It will be an early phone call to the GP when the surgery opens. Only drugs he would take are paracetamol which obviously don't cut it.


Roobeedoo said…
Hope things are better today.
Antoinette said…
Ambermog, I'm thinking of you and Mr Mog. I very much hope that things are easing a bit there, and that Mr Mog has some relief from the pain. Sending you healing thoughts, and peace to you my friend. xx
Blue Witch said…
I am so sorry to hear that things are less good...

I've been thinking of you both lots but didn't think to check here before now in case you had updated.

I thought of you especially yesterday as there was one magpie on the bird feeder right near the louhnge window - and there are never magpies that close to the house. Today there were two.

I hope that the two mean that things are better today. And aren't they clever, knowing that I needed a prompt to check your blog? :)

Sending love and lots and lots of healing vibes.

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