Fruits of the season and retro femmes

Today I bottled the liqueurs I've been making. I made cherry brandy, blackberry vodka, raspberry vodka, cherry vodka and strawberry gin. Once the damsons and plums are ready they will go into the pots to steep. These will mainly be for Yule gifts although I may have to keep a couple. 

 I love the colours as they steep. Especially the cherry brandy.

Then while looking for space for the empty kilner jars I came across a bag of femmes and other oddities.

These heads were obviously going to be on femmes but that's as far as they went. But I have ideas for them.

These were all in the bag also.

Some sweet fairies with their wands, ready to weave magic and mayhem.

This lady was made to celebrate the female form and she has her own bra for colder days.

This was a Bridghid doll I made for Imbolc some years ago.

This is a selection of felts ready to be cut up and used.

More femmes

This pair of mermaids were inspired by one of Charles de Lints stories.

Hope you like the pictures.


Blue Witch said…
Mine still sits happily on my desk keeping watch. I treasure her!

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