New year greetings

Belated greetings sorry I have been missing. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this new year brings you creativity, joy and good health.
Have been pretty busy but not sure what with. Two months plus has been lost to viruses. Starting just days after the flu injection for both of us and suspiciously like flu they didn't want to leave us. We only have the flu jab because Mr Mogs oncologist strongly suggested he should as his immune system is now challenged. But after this two months neither of us will be having it again. We both had antibiotics, 3 lots for me and steroids - 1 lot for Mr Mog but both still have snuffles. Mr Mog also had to go and see doctor as he wasn't too well and has now had chest X-ray which was clear and is awaiting ECG and bloods this Friday. But we are both enjoying each day although a spell of proper winter weather would be much appreciated.
Oh and I am now the recipient of my pension today;)

 I have been playing and made a new Goddess Altar.
I have also been spinning


new year blessings to you both :) i love your new altar. swampy has promised to make me a new one from a large old pine shelf. i have very specific ideas about how it looks and he is very much getting it.
by the way i am back on fb!
Blue Witch said…
Happy New Year! Wishing you better health in 2015.

Glad to see you are getting creative things done. It's more than I seem to be managing... how I hate these grey damp mild days.

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