Did you miss me?

I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last blog post. Sorry. It has been hectic but in a good way . Mr Mog is doing really well on his drug trial and they are very pleased with him at oncology . His numbers are down and apart from a spell of horrendous hot sweats he hasn't had any side effects up to now. This is the 4th month of the trial and we are still on 4 weekly appointments . One month it is ECG ,bloods and consultant and the alternate month is bone scan, ct scan, bloods and consultant. Those months are long appointments because one of the scans has to be 2-3 hours after the injection . But a small price to pay for the results:) what else has been happening? We went to Woolfest and really enjoyed it as usual. We stayed in the Travelodge across from the venue and that helped a lot especially as it was yet another wet festival . Lots of flooding around and about but it didn't stop the fun:) we met up with lots of friends from across the country and across the world. I have unearthed my Bernina and have a fancy to do some machine embroidery and mixed media stuff. I organised a days tuition with one of my favourite tutors and really enjoyed it. We did various techniques and it was a chance to reacquaint myself with stitching. It was also an exceedingly good value day for one to one. I acquired an old singer hand crank machine which Mr Mog cleaned up and serviced and I love it. It only does straight stitch but sometimes that is all you want. But:- We saw an old featherweight singer sewing machine at woolfest on the Yarnyard stand and both fell in love with it. I said I would love one of those and decided to look for one after Woolfest. Imagine my surprise when I got home to a phone message from a local charity shop saying they had a sewing machine for me. I had asked if they ever got old machines in as I wanted a hand crank and had forgotten to get in touch to say I had got one. We went in on the Monday and they couldn't see a machine. The girl rang the manager who told her where it was. We saw a lovely old case, looked like the kind you used to carry Lps around in. When Mr Mog opened it there was a mint 221k featherweight inside. Perfect in every way :) the Goddess must have been listening I think. I found out that the 222k featherweight actually drops its feed dogs and is ideal for FME (free machine embroidery) and has the added advantage of being easy to carry around. Guess what I am looking for now? Mr Mogs birthday is coming up shortly and I am trying to organise something to celebrate. I don't want to put anything on the blog as he sometimes reads it, but if you want to know more message me via comments. There is probably lots more I haven't said but hopefully won't be as long to next post. Thank you for reading


Blue Witch said…
I've been wondering how you're getting on: so pleased that the news is good.

Machine stitching is addictive. Who's your favourite tutor?

Interested to know what's afoot...
aniexma said…
So pleased to see you again!

I have a number (eight) of vintage sewing machines and my featherweight is far and away my favourite - truly light weight and sews like a dream!
aniexma said…
See pleased to see you again!

I love my featherweight - surprisingly light weight and sews like a dream!
Glad to hear that all is going well with you and Mr. Mog!
Leanne said…
wonderful to see a post from you- and a happy upbeat one too. you have been missed amber!

Leanne x
Roobeedoo said…
Hooray - so good to hear good news!
And sewing too! :)
I took my featherweight to university with me and sewed ball gowns in my final year instead of revising. It showed!

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