Passing fair

When ever anyone asked my Nan how she was she always said "passing fair". I've no idea why or what it actually meant but the saying came down to me:)

So, how am I? Well I'd say passing fair also. Not good, not as bad as I've been this past few months. Having said all that I had a really bad asthma attack yesterday, it came out of the blue and floored me.

But the days are lengthening, the sun is shining today and it is warm. What more can we ask? It is no use wishing for good health, a fortune, or other such impossible dreams if they aren't meant to be ours.
We just have to look on each small thing, each day, as a precious gift and enjoy it for what it is.

Too many people dwell on the negative, their glass is always half empty, never half full. some have nothing but negative things to say about others.
What good does it do them? It reflects back on them and it rebounds back also.

Far better to try and reflect the good things, the nicer side.

Not to be Pollyanna, that would be far too hard and unrealistic, but to try and be mindful in deed and word.

I've been knitting and spinning. Enjoying both very much.

The photos are a selection that made me smile. The shawl is on my new model her name apparently is Minerva. I made the most basic error making this, I didn't read the pattern. It was designed for DK yarn and of course I used 4ply hence the smaller size. The yarn is Zauberball.

The handspun is Humbug BFL copper colourway from Freyalyn's fibre. There is 85gms, 575 yards.

The penguins came to visit the other day and are now house guests. Miss Violet Jane Marple and so called Professor Rufus Isambardd. I suspect the title is an honorary one:) Miss Marple wears a handmade shawl and the Prof has a bell. Those who know us would say they are dressed in a very apt manner.

The hat is something I came up with to use some of my dyed curls.

The other 2 pictures are from our visit to Wingham Wools. A brilliant place to visit and they offer a great try before you buy service on spinning wheels. You can also book a play day where you are allowed to spin any of the fibres and take away the results. No charge. A very generous offer. All they ask is that you vary what you try so obviously not one fibre all day. They also have cottages where you can stay for a very reasonable fee, these are exceedingly comfortable and one has a bed settee and downstairs wet room/toilet so is ideal for those of us who struggle with stairs.
Phew think that will do for now, I do appear to be getting my blogging mojo back so expect more posts with hopefully less space in between


Those wee penguins are darling!
tattyknits said…
The more I look back on Winghams the more idyllic it becomes in my mind, such a fab place for a break.

Love the photos!

tattyknits said…
The more I look back on Winghams the more idyllic it becomes in my mind, such a fab place for a break.

Love the photos!

pip said…
Please do keep up the posts... I'm really enjoying them! Could 'passing fair' mean 'passing fair by' as in getting good? :)

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