Being pagan

This past few days I've been in a reflective frame of mind. Several things brought it about,sad anniversaries  being one.

My faith is a way of life, it isn't a 9 to 5 thing or a weekend thing. I live it every day every minute.
Everything I do I try to do in a mindful way and believe me sometimes that is hard. I believe that there is no straight path to follow, our journey through life is a spiral path and we are always moving on and (hopefully) outward.

Sometimes we are stuck in a rut and go round and round in circles. That doesn't matter. As long as we are aware of what we are doing and why then we can learn from it.
I believe that people are part of our lives for varying lengths of time and then they ,or we, move on. That also isn't a bad thing even though it feels like it sometimes and we hurt. If we have gained from knowing them then it can never be a negative thing. If they go away feeling the same then all to the good.

I used to get very upset when people drifted away but it didn't help me thinking that way. I found it a hard lesson and it isn't one that will ever be fully learnt I'm sure because apart from being pagan I'm also human:)

Today was a sad day in many ways. The birthday of my late uncle, the one who was more of a father to me than my biological father. It has been a few years since his death but each year on his birthday and on the day of his death I feel the loss. I think of him throughout the year not just on those days but those are the days for keeping in touch with my aunt and my youngest cousin, the one who is more sister than cousin. A time of remembering the silly things as well as the serious.

As Ostara looms on the horizon I think of the new growth on trees and bushes, the many colours of flowers everywhere I look. The deaths balanced by new beginnings.

Life is never easy but  there is lots of joy and laughter, lots of positive energy.
It is a seesaw and we balance the best we can twixt negative and positive, good and bad.

I try to be in the now and enjoy the simple signs of spring, the new moon and her journey around the sky.
I am a pagan but I'm also human. I have good points and bad; faults but also I hope positives.


Suzi Smith said…
poignant... relevant.... today is 6 years since my mum died, her birthday on saturday... and yes, tho i miss her physical presence, i can not be anything other than happy for her as she journeys on.

Mmm... i'd say there's a good few positives in the mix amber, lol xoxo
It's hardest when the good people are gone from our lives while the ones we could do without are not. I like to see your photos of crocuses and approaching Spring. No such signs here yet.
pip said…
thank you for such an honest and uplifting post :)
Freyalyn said…
Thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing.
Lynn said…
Thanks for reminding me of some of the things that keep me walking on this Pagan path. I have just come to the same thoughts on friends who come and go, so really special to see someone else's notes on the same
Joy said…
Your posts are always so thoughtful and considered Amber.
Ruby Louise said…

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