Yule/winter solstice

As the Winter Solstice grows ever near I feel an anticipation within. A yearning for the shortest day. I've been quite reflective this past couple of months and not really felt like blogging much as you have probably noticed. The inward half of the year always  slows me down but this year even more so for some reason.
I think that health stuff hasn't helped much either.

Yule beckons and a very auspicious Yule it will be. A lunar eclipse and a blood moon all for Winter Solstice. A magical powerful time. I can feel the stirrings as the moon becomes ever fuller. Tonight with all the snow and ice she is stunning and her light bathes the garden as I write.


I've been wondering how you were getting along! Glad to hear that the upcoming Winter Solstice is working its magick on you! Blessings of the season to you and Mr. Mog.
Eleanor said…
It's going to be an absolute cracker, this Solstice. I can't wait for it! Eleanor x
Sea said…
It must be something in the Morecambe air! I've been the same.

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