Not eggs for BW

Blue Witch has a little fun thing going on her blog. The most unusual place to use as an eggcup. Sadly I've run out of eggs but I've improvised with a kiwi:)
First one had to be yarn of course, the latest handspun wound into a ball ready to knit with. Egg yolk colours of course:)

Second still to do with yarn, Shaun volunteered to help me out.
I decided not to wind him up because if it had been a real egg it would have broken with his walking.
A lovely day today, we have been on the prom for a little meander and now I'm thinking of spinning. I'm spinning the most gorgeous gothic glitzy deep purple batt. Pictures tomorrow


Blue Witch said…
Thank you for joining in and spreading the word!

I love the way the top one has a built-in drip-mat, if used with an egg ;)

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