More on colour

More colour.

Firstly , the tulips are opening beautifully and I love this snap of them.

My Alveare hat is finished, yarn is my own handspun:)

love the little tassel on the back:) A really quick hat to knit and easy pattern to follow.
This is the stormy skies alpaca merino I dyed the other day. I've started another Alveare hat with it.

Love the way it looks in the ball.We had a fabulous trip to the woods today to celebrate the imminent Spring Equinox. Pictures in a couple of days when I can get them up on my blog. I love Spring Equinox, I always feel that it truly marks the light half of the year, especially when you consider that the week after the clocks will "spring" forward one hour making the days seem longer:)


We're already on Daylight Savings Time here in North America -- we sprang forward last weekend. George W. Bush decided to extend DST at both ends for some obscure reason, and Canada followed suit so we wouldn't get out of sync with the U.S.
Blue Witch said…
And still not even a daff in sight here. Lots of crocuses though, although they flop as soon as the Buzzy Familiars alight on them.

Love the blue/gold yarn.

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