Autumn Elsewhere

The Autumn Elsewhere jacket is finished and I love it. I love the richness of the colours and the way they have knit up.
I love the fact that no one will have anything like this because the colours are ones I dyed up.
I like the mismatched yet toned colourway
I love that it fits me, well it would as I knit it to my size but still

I just love it:)


rho said…
Oh that turned out fantastic!! And I love the fact that no one else will have one like it too -isn't that one of the best things about making it yourself (I haven't taken on dying something myself though)

and have a great BDay btw :D
Sea said…
Looks really good, you should be proud of it :) and Happy Birthday
I agree with you, I love it.
Charity said…
I love it, too! You look fabulous! :o)
Tammy said…
That is absolutely beautiful!!

Happy Birthday. :)
I love it. The colours are gorgeous and so you. An uplifting jacket for lightening your mood during the dark winter days to come.
As the sales lady says " It suits you madam"
Sorry I almost forgot - Happy Birthdy Amber. I hope that you are having a great day
indigirl said…
Happy birthday, and good work on your Elsewhere! It's just beautiful.
aniexma said…
dreamcatcher said…
Happy belated birthday!

I just love the colours in this, and they look all the better for the toning effect :-)

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