Last treatment was today so we are done with the daily travelling. Mr mog is doing great, a little reddening of the skin and tiredness but otherwise fine. They did say his symptoms may get a little worse for next couple of weeks then lessen. It will seem strange not doing the daily commute. The staff were excellent and did much to put us at our ease. What started out as a very frightening experience turned into something far more pleasant. I think a lot of it was the fear of the unknown and how we react to it.
We met some great people, all with the same thing to go through and at various stages of treatment. It helped seeing people further on in the treatment regime and how they were doing as I am sure it helped others seeing Mr Mog and how he coped.
Thank you Rosemere you were a goddess send indeed:)
Pictures of finished socks and more yarn goodness to follow tomorrow.


Marianne said…
I'm so glad to hear this, will be sending extra special energy to help him get through these next weeks.
Sleeping in a bit tomorrow? :^D
Sarah said…
Great news :o)
(((((((((((((((((((Amber and Mr. Mog)))))))))))
So glad it is the last treatment. Hope the symptoms don't get any worse before they lessen.
Have a rest now you don't have the daily commute. Take a break. Put your feet up and relax.
Bryony Ramsden said…
That's great! Big hugs to both of you.
Artis-Anne said…
So glad to hear that it was the last one and that you are both okay and especially Mr Mog after all his treatments. As you say sometimes the fear of the unknown is the worst. Sorry I have awol again !! Do hope we meet up at WW
von said…
Great news, it must be such a relief! Hope things keep getting better for you both.

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