Socks,simply too addictive:)

Oh Yvonne what a tangled web you wove when you sent me the Lucy Neatby DVD and the makings of a sock:)) Do you see what you've done to me? I am addicted to the darn things:))
Here you see a finished sock in Yarn Yard yarn I was gifted and the beginning of a sock in some Dennis the Menace yarn. Well that is what it looks like to me:) Unknown origin,gifted again:)
And yes Jo
I have started another sock without doing the second of the yarn yard pair:) OH NO! do you think I have second sock syndrome? Do I need the paramedics perchance? Actually I have cast on the yarn yard second sock but thought I needed to see how the Dennis the Menace yarn knit up. Oh and don't we all know where that leads to? Soon I can see it, dozens of socks lying about, sadly awaiting their ideal partner in life. Wondering if they will ever find their perfect pair. Their solemate(VBG)
However I'm practicing you see, checking that it isn't a flash in the pan. That I am commited, or should that be ready to be commited?
I am thinking of casting on for Monkey, it is calling me and I have the yarn at the ready. Some Lucy Neatby from Lime and Violets destash in Spumante. No I won't show it you just yet. Well you never know I may resist the urge til these 2 socks are done.
Thanks for all the kind comments and Maylin
I am so pleased at your good news, you must be so thrilled:)
Thanks for the offer of some yarn for my hospice sockfest. I appreciate it.
I also received a gorgeous card today from my SP10 Yvonnep:) thank you very much for thinking of me:)
Well it is a very blustery day here, we had a very short walk on the promenade but it was way too windy for me. The tide was stunning and very very high, made me realise once more why I adore living by the sea.


Marianne said…
I am SO very tickled that you've gotten addicted to sock knitting! and I hear you, I have a bag in my closet with single socks... waiting for their mates :^)
DO go for the Monkey socks, a pretty pattern, easy and they go pretty fast!

The very best to you and Mr.Mog!
knitmd said…
Sock knitting is therapeutic and totally portable when going to doctor's appointments with Mr. Mog. I hope you two have a very good New Year with newfound health, love and closeness to boot!

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