HELP, Colinette silky chic florentina needed urgently and I'm in love with Woolmeise sock yarns:)and needing help on using woolwinder

You know the shawl I put a picture of before? Yes that shawl. Well I'm getting down to the knitty gritty with the silky chic and when I went to get the other skein to wind it I realised it isn't Florentina its jamboree. Totally different:( Anyone got any florentina they'd swap me for jamboree or other yarns?
Did I tell you I'm in love with Woolmeise sock yarn? Eva sent me some I won and I love it , not for socks because I don't do socks. Did you know I don't do socks???
But for shawls it knits beautifully and is gorgeous to the touch.
Also I recently purchased a knitmaster cone winder. However 8it does not have any instructions with it and I can't make it wind properly:( Anyone know how they work and can help this challenged moggie?
thank you


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